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Captiva ND & ND (Non-Drip) Lipids Cartridges & Plates

ND & ND Lipids Cartridges & Plates

Captiva ND & ND (Non-Drip) Lipids Cartridges & Plates

Captiva ND (non-drip) cartridges and plates are a simple-to-use filtration device designed for high-throughput, automated, in-well protein precipitation. With a unique non-drip (ND) membrane, Captiva ND products enable solvent-first protein precipitation using methanol or acetonitrile. The dual-filter design delivers fast, uniform flow, avoiding filter plugging and ensuring reliable filtrate recovery.

In addition, Captiva ND Lipids cartridges and plates are designed to effectively remove phospholipids from biofluids. The removal of lipid compounds results in enhanced sensitivity, better peak shapes, and more reproducible retention times. Captiva ND and ND Lipids products ensure high sample throughput and help to reduce instrumentation downtime in the laboratory.

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