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Sample Filtration

Captiva filtration products are designed for sample filtering applications, including lipid/matrix removal, automated protein precipitation, and sample preparation prior to further analysis. Formats include 96-well plates, cartridges, and syringe filters. Captiva vacuum collars and 96-well collection plates are also available for collecting filtrate or eluate from Captiva filtration plates.

Sample filtration separates substances based on particle size, including solid particles in liquids (suspension) and insoluble droplets in liquids (emulsion). Sample filtering is recommended prior to chromatographic analysis to remove particulates from the sample. The benefits of Captiva sample filtration include optimal instrument performance, reduced system downtime, extended column lifetime, and greater sample integrity.

Captiva sample filtration prevents blocking of capillaries, frits, and the column inlet (especially important for UHPLC). Sample filtration results in less wear and tear on the critical moving parts of injection valves as well as in less downtime of the instrument for repairs. Functionalized filtration improves results by removing chemical interferences, such as lipids, in addition to particulates.

Sample Filtration

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