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AD-293 Cells

AD-293 Cells


The AD-293 cell line is derived from the standard HEK293 cell line, with improved cell adherence and plaque formation properties. HEK293 cells are human embryonic kidney cells transformed by sheared adenovirus type 5 DNA. AD-293 cells show improved adherence to tissue culture dishes over standard HEK293 cells.

AD-293 cells, like HEK293 cells, produce the adenovirus E1 gene in trans, allowing the production of infectious virus particles when cells are transfected with E1-deleted adenovirus vectors such as the pAdEasy-1 vector. AD-293 cells demonstrate improved adherence to tissue culture dishes, making AD-293 cell monolayers less susceptible to disruption during cell passaging and plaque assays.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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