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AAV-HT1080 Cells

AAV-HT1080 Cells


AAV-HT1080 Cells, a human fibrosarcoma cell line, is recommended for tittering adeno-associated recombinant virus stocks for the AAV Helper-Free system. The AAV-HT1080 Cells are found to be more permissible to AAV infection than other cells lines and thus able to give more accurate viral titers. In addition, viral titer measurement protocols using AAV-HT1080 cells have been optimized and are provided in pAAV-LacZ and pAAV-hrGFP Control Applications.

Adeno-associated viruses (AAVs) are replication-deficient parvoviruses, which have traditionally required co-infection with a helper adenovirus or herpes virus for productive infection. The AAV Helper-Free System allows the production of infectious recombinant human adeno-associated virus-2 (AAV-2) virions without the use of a helper virus.

In the AAV Helper-Free System, most of the adenovirus gene products required for the production of infective AAV particles are supplied on the plasmid helper that is co-transfected into cells with human AAV-2 vector DNA. The remaining adenoviral gene product is supplied by the AAV-293 host cells, which stably express the adenovirus E1 gene. The AAV Helper-Free System includes AAV-293 cells, which are HEK293-derived cells with improved adeno-associated virus production capabilities. By eliminating the requirement for live helper virus, the AAV Helper-Free System provides a safer, purer and more convenient alternative to retroviral and adenoviral gene delivery systems.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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