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Calmodulin Affinity Resin

Calmodulin Affinity Resin


The Affinity protein expression and purification system provides a simple, gentle, and effective method for high-level protein expression and purification. A complete Affinity protein expression and purification system includes calmodulin (calcium-modulated protein or CaM) affinity resin and pCAL expression vectors, containing a calmodulin-binding peptide (CBP) tag.

The Affinity protein expression vectors pCAL-n, pCAL-n-EK, pCAL-n-FLAG, and pCAL-c, allow fusion of the CBP affinity tag to the N- or C-terminus of the protein-coding sequence of interest. Protein expression is tightly repressed under conditions in which expression is undesirable and high-level induced expression can be achieved. With one pass through calmodulin affinity resin using moderate buffer conditions at neutral pH, calmodulin-binding-peptide fusion proteins can be purified from crude cell extracts to near homogeneity.

The affinity protein expression and purification system allows rapid and efficient purification of calmodulin-binding-peptide (CBP)-tagged fusion proteins from E. coli extracts.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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