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pCMV-3Tag Vectors

pCMV-3Tag Vectors


Epitope-tagging technology provides you a powerful means to functionally analyze your protein of interest without the need for an antibody specific to each new protein under study. Agilent's pCMV-3Tag vector series is the advanced epitope tagging system in which three copies of either the FLAG or c-myc tags are added to your protein. FLAG and c-myc tags are small, highly immunoreactive, do not interfere with the function of your protein, and are easily detected with commercially available antibodies. Three copies of each tag consistently enhance signal strength in all your protein characterization studies: western blotting, in situ staining, and immunoprecipitation experiments.

In addition to the epitope tag sequences, the pCMV-3Tag vectors contain features for optimal expression of fusion proteins in mammalian cells. The cytomegalovirus immediate early (CMV) promoter allows constitutive expression of the cloned DNA in a wide variety of mammalian cell lines. A Kozak consensus sequence provides optimal expression of the fusion protein when the N-terminal vectors are used. Optimized protein expression levels combined with flexibility in cloning and tagging options, make this vector system the method of choice for your protein tagging and characterization studies.

Vectors conferring neomycin/kanamycin resistance to your transfected cells come in sets of three reading frames for each of the following tagging options: N-terminal FLAG, C-terminal FLAG, N-terminal c-myc, and C-terminal c-myc. Three reading frames allow the gene of interest to be fused correctly to the epitope tags. A hygromycin vector set for selection of stable transfectants is also available with each of the above tagging orientations.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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