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ArcticExpress RP & RIL Competent Cells

ArcticExpress RP & RIL Competent Cells


In addition to enhancing protein solubility, Agilent has combined its cold-adapted technology with the premiere BL21-CodonPlus competent cells to further increase your chances of protein expression success.¬†ArcticExpress RIL and RP Competent Cells, featuring CodonPlus technology, are engineered to simultaneously address two common bacterial gene expression hurdles: protein insolubility and codon bias. These cells are derived from Agilent’s high-performance BL21-Gold competent cell line, enabling efficient high-level expression of heterologous proteins in Escherichia coli. ArcticExpress RIL and RP strains are engineered to contain extra copies of genes that encode the tRNAs that most frequently limit translation. Availability of these limiting tRNAs allows high-level expression of many heterologous recombinant genes that are poorly expressed in conventional BL21 strains.

ArcticExpress RP and ArcticExpress (DE3)RP cells contain extra copies of the argU and proL genes. These genes encode tRNAs that recognize the arginine codons AGA and AGG and the proline codon CCC. The ArcticExpress RP strains have available the tRNAs that most frequently restrict translation of heterologous proteins of organisms that have GC-rich genomes.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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