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SureSelect Human All Exon

SureSelect Human All Exon


The SureSelect Human All Exon V8 provides comprehensive and most up-to-date coverage of protein coding regions from RefSeq, CCDS, and GENCODE. It also covers the TERT promoter and hard-to-capture exons that are omitted by other exomes on the market. Powered by machine learning-based probe design and a new production process, SureSelect Human All Exon V8 spans a 35.1 Mb target region of the human genome with an efficient end-to-end design size of only 41.6 Mb. The panel delivers excellent enrichment performance, as well as efficient, cost-effective exome sequencing. In addition, the panel is manufactured in large scale to provide consistent results for many years.

The SureSelect Human All Exon V8 is compatible with the streamlined SureSelectXT HS2, SureSelectXT HS, SureSelectXT Low Input, and SureSelectQXT library preparation and target enrichment systems, which feature a fast, 90-minute hybridization protocol, as well as the legacy SureSelectXT system. The V8 exome workflow is natively supported by the Bravo Automated Liquiding Handling Platform for high-throughput sample preparation, and the Magnis NGS Prep System for complete, walkaway automation. The sequencing data can be analyzed using Alissa Interpret for automated variant interpretation and reporting, providing an efficient and scalable solution to derive insights.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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