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Next-generation sequencing solutions from sample to analysis

Empower your genomic analysis with Agilent’s comprehensive portfolio of next-generation sequencing (NGS) solutions. Featuring Agilent SureSelect and Avida library preparation and target enrichment reagents, our connected solutions offer reliable data and insights. Easy integration with advanced automation, sample QC platforms, and data analysis software ensure that each step in the NGS workflow is optimized for accuracy and efficiency.

NGS Library Prep & Target Enrichment Reagents

Library Prep and Target Enrichment Reagents for NGS

DNA-Seq Reagents
RNA-Seq Reagents
Methyl-Seq Reagents

NGS Assays & Panels

Expert-Designed NGS Assays and Panels

Custom Designs
Human Genetics
Infectious Disease
Non-Human Genomics
NGS Quality Control

NGS Automation Platforms

Automation Solutions for the NGS Workflow

NGS Data Analysis & Interpretation

Streamlined Data Analysis