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Alissa Reporter

Alissa Reporter

The Agilent Alissa Reporter software is an intuitive, streamlined next-generation sequencing (NGS) alignment and calling data analysis solution. This software delivers high-performance variant detection with integrated genome browsing, a built-in quality control (QC) dashboard, and seamless connectivity with the Agilent Alissa Interpret variant annotation and interpretation software.

Alissa Reporter software turns raw NGS FASTQ files into VCF files. Optimized analysis pipelines for SureSelect Human All Exon V7 and V8 and pipelines for SureSelect custom assays enable the detection of constitutional and somatic genomic variants such as SNV/InDel and CNVs.

As part of the Agilent Alissa Clinical Informatics platform, the Alissa Reporter software seamlessly transfers data to our Alissa Interpret tertiary analysis software for a fully integrated end-to-end NGS software workflow.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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