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Alissa Interpret

Alissa Interpret

Alissa Interpret enables molecular pathology and clinical genetics labs to standardize and automate variant triage, review, classification, and reports on clinical NGS and CGH data. Alissa Interpret increases efficiency and diagnostic yield by combining SNV, CNV, and fusion gene data on a single platform and through seamless integration with LIMS and BioIT pipelines.

Alissa Interpret is an agnostic data triage solution compatible with any VCF file, offering a best-in-class, single-vendor workflow on the Alissa Clinical Informatics Platform. The platform features Alissa Interpret along with secondary data analysis solutions: Alissa Align & Call for NGS, CytoGenomics for aCGH, and MASTR Reporter for Amplicon, which are all optimized to work with Agilent reagents, including SureSelect, OneSeq, and HaloPlex products.

Alissa Interpret is a USA Class I Exempt Medical Device, Europe CE IVD, Canada and Australia Class I IVD Device.

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