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4200 FlexScan Series FTIR (handheld) (Discontinued)

4200 FlexScan Series FTIR (handheld) (Discontinued)

The 4200 FlexScan Series FTIR (handheld) is a dual module system. The optical module weighs 3 lbs and it is attached to the 4 lb electronics module by a power cable. The electronics module can be worn on a belt or in a shoulder pack.

The 4200 analyzer uses the same interferometer and optics as the 4100 ExoScan and thus has identical performance. The 4200 FlexScan is for dedicated field applications and has a fixed sampling interface that is specified when the system is ordered. The light weight of the handheld optics and sampling module make it well suited to repetitive infrared analyses over a large area, or numerous measurements over a large object.

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This product is discontinued effective 1st March 2017. See similar products

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