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4100 ExoScan Series FTIR (handheld) (Discontinued)

4100 ExoScan Series FTIR (handheld) (Discontinued)

The 4100 ExoScan is a single-module, 6.5 lb system with interchangeable sampling interfaces. Diffuse, grazing angle, specular reflection, or spherical ATR sampling interfaces can be changed in seconds with no realignment necessary. It can handle a wide range of sample types, including infrared absorbing and scattering surfaces and reflective metal surfaces with coatings and films, as well as bulk powders and granules.

Requiring no sample preparation, Exoscan accurately and nondestructively measures polymers, composites, and coatings of all types. It is also used to measure artworks and historical artifacts and is often used in geological and soil science studies for mineral identification, nutrient quantitation, and ground truth studies.

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This product is discontinued effective 1 May 2019. See similar products

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