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Industry Leading Fluorescence Spectroscopy Instrumentation Innovation and Fluorometer Performance

For the highest levels of performance in fluorescence spectrophotometry and fluorescence spectroscopy instrumentation, look no further than the Agilent Cary Eclipse spectrofluorometer (or fluorescence spectrophotometer) and its wide range of accessories and supplies. The Cary Eclipse fluorescence spectrometer system delivers flexibility and innovation, providing consistent analytical results in a range of fluorescence spectroscopy applications.

The unique xenon flash lamp technology in the Cary Eclipse spectrofluorometer delivers superior sensitivity, room light immunity, and is ideally suited for use with fiber optic technology and for bio-sample analysis.

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Fluorescence Spectroscopy Applications Overview

A guide to modern applications of fluorescence spectroscopy and spectrofluorometer instrumentation.

Molecular Spectroscopy Pharma & Biopharma Solutions Guide

Learn about products & applications in pharma & biopharma using UV-Vis, FTIR, fluorescence, SORS & TRS technology.

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Explore customer reviews posted on SelectScience, or write your own review.

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An overview of Agilent's range of molecular spectroscopy products.

Cary Eclipse Fluorescence Spectrophotometer Brochure

Description of the benefits of using the Cary Eclipse fluorescence spectrophotometer

Agilent Cary Eclipse Fluorescence Spectrophotometer Applications

The Cary Eclipse is capable of fluorescence, phosphorescence, chemi- and bio-luminescence measurements without photo-bleaching, and with room light immunity.

Featured News

Agilent Announces the Cary 3500 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer Compatibility with OpenLab

The Agilent Cary 3500 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer is now compatible with the Agilent OpenLab software suite of products. Cary 3500 UV-Vis data can now be managed, protected, and stored in a secure central database, ensuring compliance and superior data integrity for pharma and biopharma labs.

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Molecular Spectroscopy Webinar Curriculum

Molecular Spectroscopy Webinar Curriculum includes UV-Vis, UV-Vis-NIR, fluorescence, handheld and benchtop FTIR, and Raman systems for high performance and flexibility

Advances in FTIR and UV-Vis: No Need for Cells in Liquid Sample Analysis

This webcast will highlight the benefit of advanced sampling technologies in achieving fast, easy, and reliable measurements of liquid samples in comparison with the traditional liquid cells used for FTIR and UV-Vis measurements.

Spectroscopy Digital Workshops & Bootcamps

Hone your lab skills, outside the lab, with our live, interactive series of virtual workshops and software bootcamps! Learn about the latest in software solutions for Spectroscopy, discuss the entire analytical process from method development to data analysis, and participate in live analytical runs with our experts. We hope these will prepare you for future hands-on events in the future.

Agilent Molecular Spectroscopy On Demand Webinars

Agilent’s best-in-class portfolio of molecular spectroscopy instruments have grown in breadth as well as capabilities.

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