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Special Function Valves for HPLC

Special Function Valves for HPLC

The Agilent InfinityLab 2D-LC solution brings the separation power of two-dimensional LC (2D-LC) to every lab. This solution makes it easy to switch between one-dimensional UHPLC and all modes of 2D-LC, allowing you to adjust separation performance to your sample complexity, as well as guaranteeing highest usage of a single system.

Easy-to-use software enables fast method setup for heart-cutting 2D-LC, comprehensive 2D-LC, multiple heart-cutting 2D-LC, or Agilents unique high-resolution sampling 2D-LC.

High-quality supplies, including rotor seals, stator heads and bearing rings, fit perfectly to your 2D-LC valves, ensuring optimal performance and minimal system downtime.

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