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Solvent Inlet Filters for HPLC

Solvent Inlet Filters for HPLC

Agilent provides a wide range of high-quality glass and stainless steel HPLC solvent inlet filters with different pore sizes to remove particles from the solvents at inlet. The HPLC inlet filters represent the first barrier for retaining particles, precipitates, and microbes from mobile phases, buffers, and salt solutions at inlet. Further down the flow path, Agilent inline filters can be installed at the high-pressure side to filtrate even smaller particles from solvents, samples and system worn parts.

Both Agilent solvent inlet filters and inline filters are designed for and tested on Agilent instruments to ensure best fit and protection of your valuable columns against particle clogging. These HPLC filters are critical for preventing pressure increases and contamination, leading to extended column lifetime, increased analytical efficiency and decreased cost per sample. The new Quick Change inline filter with finger-tight filter disc replacement provides ultimate ease of use and robustness.

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