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HPLC Solvent Filtration Assembly & Filter Membranes

HPLC Solvent Filtration Assembly & Filter Membranes

HPLC solvent filters, also known as mobile phase filters, are used to filter mobile phase buffers as a daily routine part of HPLC sample analysis. Agilent offers solvent filtration assembly and HPLC filter membranes as HPLC solvent filters to degas and remove particle contaminants from HPLC solvents and butters.

The Agilent InfinityLab solvent filtration assembly is manufactured from high-quality borosilicate glass components and can hold a 47 mm HPLC filter membrane to remove particulates from liquid media. Using our mobile phase filters prior to your analysis decreases piston wear from particulates, prevents column and capillary clogging, increases pump seal lifetime, and minimizes background noise in HPLC chromatograms.

Solvent filtration is especially important in Biopharma applications. Water-based buffer solutions, predominant with Biopharma applications, should be filtered daily to avoid microbial growth in your solvent bottles.

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