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Solvent Bottles & Waste Cans for HPLC

Solvent Bottles & Waste Cans for HPLC

Agilent offers InfinityLab HPLC bottles as mobile phase reservoir, and HPLC waste containers with different capacity and thread sizes for waste management. Our HPLC mobile phase bottles work best with the InfinityLab Stay Safe caps for preventing evaporation of solvent vapors.

The InfinityLab HPLC bottles have been redesigned for easier use and safer handling, lowering the risk of accidents in the lab. These redesigned solvent bottles are compatible with your InfinityLab LC Series instruments and can be incorporated seamlessly into your LC workflow. The 1 liter and 2 liter mobile phase bottles are available in clear and in amber glass, for situations where sample visibility is important or to avoid algae growth. The InfinityLab HPLC waste containers are available from 5 liter up to 10 liter and compatible with Stay Safe caps for waste canisters including Charcoal filters with time strips.

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