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Lamps for HPLC

Lamps for HPLC

HPLC lamps are light sources designed for HPLC detectors. Agilent HPLC detector lamps are key elements, in combination with the optical unit, and provide optimal intensity, sensitivity, and stability. Agilent HPLC lamps were developed alongside Agilent detector modules for maximum compatibility.

HPLC deuterium (D2) lamps are high-performance products that are available as long-life lamps with increased lifespans. The InfinityLab HPLC UV lamps contain RFID technology helps tracking lamp serial numbers, ignitions and burn times for more convenience, ease of use, and improved troubleshooting. For selected Agilent detectors, Tungsten lamps for the visible light spectrum (up to 950 nm) and Xenon lamps for fluorescence detection are available.

Agilent HPLC lamps are manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified environment and are fully traceable throughout every step of the production process. Each lamp is individually tested and certified with a Certificate of Analysis to ensure it meets the strict Agilent performance specifications.

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