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Flow Cells for HPLC

Flow Cells for HPLC

HPLC flow cells, or HPLC cells, are key elements of the optical unit of an HPLC detector and part of the optofluidic flow path. The light beam of the lamp is absorbed depending on the solutions in the cell in which light absorption takes place, and the intensity is converted to an electrical signal in the detector. Agilent provides a comprehensive range of HPLC flow cells for HPLC detectors to minimize instrument downtime and create the best total cost of ownership for all applications.

Depending on the flow rates and required sensitivity, Agilent offers HPLC flow cells with different cell volumes to suit needs from nano- to preparative scale. Available solutions address the requirements of protein research applications or assays to assess the integrity of biotherapeutic compounds. Bio flow cells, or bio-inert flow cells, are available for Agilent multiple wavelength and diode array UV-absorption detectors, as well as for special detection techniques such as fluorescence and dual-angle light scattering.

InfinityLab Max-Light cartridges contain RFID tags for better GLP compliance and an optimized cell geometry for less peak dispersion for narrow bore applications.

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