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HPLC Flex Bench

InfinityLab Flex Bench with InfinityLab HPLC Instrument

HPLC Flex Bench

HPLC benches are HPLC tables or carts designed specifically to organize HPLC and UHPLC systems. The Agilent HPLC bench portfolio offers mobile or benchtop solutions for instrument configuration that address the high demand for flexibility in the lab.

The InfinityLab Flex Bench is an adjustable HPLC table on wheels. The flexibility of this HPLC cart makes it safe and easy to relocate your instruments, optimizing lab space. Adjustable shelves for easy LC stack customization with individual modules, enabling you to stack your instruments.

The InfinityLab Benchtop is an LC bench that fits into your existing bench setup. It is engineered to provide an adjustable and safe way to save lab space and to configure your LC system.

To compliment your HPLC bench, Agilent offer two shallow drawers for storing tools with your HPLC instrument and a small table offering space for columns during column exchange or the sample tray before samples are placed into the autosampler.

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