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HPLC Tubing

HPLC Tubing

Agilent provides a range of high-quality HPLC tubing made from PEEK, PTFE, and other materials to make connections in the low-pressure part of LC flow path. All Agilent HPLC tubes are manufactured to the highest quality standards to protect the integrity of your results at every step of your LC flow path.

Agilent color-coded PEEK tubing provide easy identification of internal tubing diameters to ensure optimal performance from low-flow to high-flow applications. The smooth internal surfaces of these HPLC PEEK tubing minimizes turbulences for improved resolution. HPLC PEEK tubing are flexible and easy to cut to length and can be used with PEEK and stainless-steel fittings. The excellent pH and solvent compatibility make them an ideal solution for standard HPLC applications up to 250 bar.

PTFE, FEP or PP HPLC tubes are widely used for non-pressure solvent and waste lines in larger internal diameters to connect solvent bottles to the HPLC pump and the outlet lines to the waste canisters.

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