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Fittings & Ferrules for HPLC

Fittings & Ferrules for HPLC

Agilent offers a large variety of HPLC fittings to enable connections of your HPLC capillaries onto instruments, valves or columns, for both Swagelok-type and metric M4-type connections. The HPLC ferrule is the primary sealing component of the fitting assembly and can be made from different materials such as stainless steel or PEEK for fixed or removable fittings.

Utilizing the correct fitting style and format is important for ensuring accuracy and robust performance in every aspect of your apparatus.

InfinityLab Quick Connect fittings offer truly finger-tight connections up to 1300 bar, for column connections as easy as pressing a lever.

For harder-to-reach areas of the LC instrument, try InfinityLab Quick Turn fittings that are finger-tight up to 400 bar and can reach 800 bar by using a mounting tool or 1300 bar using a wrench.

Swagelok fittings made from stainless steel provide high pressure permanent sealing, suited for positions that don’t need to be reconnected often.

PEEK fittings or polyketone fittings are finger-tight up to 400 bar and can be used in low-pressure area in the flow path.

Our range of HPLC fittings can ensure the highest performance of various LC systems and applications.

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