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Capillary & Tubing Kits for HPLC

Capillary & Tubing Kits for HPLC

Agilent InfinityLab capillary & fitting kits are complete sets of system capillary tubing and fittings, including InfinityLab Quick Connect and Quick Turn fittings, to efficiently ramp up usage of InfinityLab LC Series instruments.

Agilent capillary tubing starter kits contain the most widely used connection capillaries, fittings, and tools needed for legacy LC systems. InfinityLab capillary kits are the complete sets of capillaries and fittings for Infinity II LC systems. InfinityLab convenience kits contain both the contents of the capillary kits and a variety of selected products such as solvent bottles, Stay Safe caps, inline filter, vials and tools to provide everything you need to start your LC.

In all the kits, capillary dimensions are optimized to minimize extra-column volume to ensure highest separation efficiency.

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