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HPLC Capillaries

Stainless steel capillary, 0.17 mm id

HPLC Capillaries

HPLC capillaries are used in the high-pressure part flow path of LC flow path to make connections between different modules and column. All Agilent HPLC capillary tubing are engineered and manufactured to provide the best fit to Agilent instruments and columns to protect the integrity of your results at every step of your LC flow path. Agilent’s unique laser welding process ensures that all HPLC capillaries' ends are absolutely flat, eliminating any chance of capillary-induced dead volume.

Agilent offers HPLC capillaries in a variety of materials to suit your needs. Stainless steel capillaries with high flexibility and durability are ideal for most standard applications. HPLC capillaries made from MP35N, PEEK-lined stainless steel and titanium are inert and corrosion resistant, suited for bio applications.

All HPLC capillary tubing are color-coded to help you quickly identify the capillary id. Find the right HPLC capillaries quickly and easily using our online selection tool in the Tools section below.

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