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HPLC Unions, Connectors & Adapters

HPLC Unions, Connectors & Adapters

HPLC unions and adapters are connectors that connect the same or different types of fitting threads or ports. Agilent offers a wide variety of high-quality HPLC unions to suit different instruments and connection types.

The zero-dead-volume (ZDV) HPLC stainless steel unions with and without fittings are typically used for standard HPLC. The ZDV unions (HPLC PEEK union or HPLC stainless steel union with PEEK inserts) are suited for bio applications. The high-flow unions (no fittings) are developed for use with preparative HPLC. A range of adapters and connectors are also available, including barbed Y-connectors, T-connectors, and female-to-female or male-to-female adapters.

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