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InfinityLab Water for LC/MS

InfinityLab LC/MS Water

InfinityLab Water for LC/MS

LC/MS Water is LC/MS grade chromatography water for use in LC/MS applications. Inorganic ion contaminations and inconsistencies in local water quality can negatively impact LC/MS results. For example, particle contamination can cause column and capillary clogging and even can increase signal-to-noise levels. Using the highest water quality in LC/MS analyses is essential to reduce troubleshooting time and extend the life of columns.

Agilent InfinityLab LC/MS Water is manufactured to a high purity level and offers excellent lot-to-lot performance for LC/MS applications. This LC/MS grade water is 0.2 µm prefiltered and ready to use in UHPLC–MS applications without the need to filter separately, avoiding a common downside of lower-quality chromatography water. InfinityLab LC/MS Water was developed for optimum performance on Agilent systems. A certificate of analysis is available to meet GLP-specific requirements.

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