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InfinityLab Acetonitrile for LC/MS

InfinityLab LC/MS Acetonitrile

InfinityLab Acetonitrile for LC/MS

LC/MS Acetonitrile is a LC/MS grade acetonitrile for use in MS analyses. It works to reduce troubleshooting time by limiting contaminants. InfinityLab LC/MS Acetonitrile is tested and specified for UHPLC-MS with low trace metal impurities and low acidity and alkalinity properties to achieve excellent detection limits for MS applications. LC/MS acetonitrile is prefiltered at 0.2 µm and is ready to use unlike lower quality acetonitrile chromatography solvents that require separate filtering.

InfinityLab LC/MS Acetonitrile was developed for optimum performance of Agilent LC systems. A lot-specific certificate of analysis is available to meet GLP-specific requirements.

Synonyms: Cyanomethane, methyl cyanide, ACN, ethyl nitrile

Formula: CH3CN

CAS Number: 75-05-8

Molecular weight: 41.05 g/mol

Beilstein: 741857

EC index number: 200-835-2

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