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6495D Triple Quadrupole LC/MS

6495D LC/TQ coupled to the 1290 Infinity II LC​

6495D Triple Quadrupole LC/MS

The 6495D triple quadrupole LC/MS system is an ultrahigh-performance system built for research and testing labs investigating large batches of samples. Equipped with the latest, innovative iFunnel technology, this LC/MS/MS achieves ppq-level detection limits for the most challenging analytes in heavy matrix, for example in ‘omics, food, and environmental analysis, while providing high precision at sub-millisecond dwell times.

Ultimate mass spectrometry performance is complemented by built-in instrument intelligence designed for demanding, nonstop routine analysis. Features including AI-based SWARM tuning, VacShield, early maintenance feedback (EMF) dashboard, scheduled tune, and intelligent reflex ensure that the system stays productive longer at peak performance, giving you peace of mind and improving the bottom line of your business.

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