Agilent Technologies Inc., (NYSE: A) announces that the Agilent 6495D Triple Quadrupole Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS) System has received the prestigious Scientist’s Choice Award for 'Best New Analytical Science Product of 2023'. This recognition comes after a rigorous selection process that involved nominations and a voting survey conducted among the scientific community. 

The Agilent 6495D LC/MS is an ultrahigh-performance system built for research and testing labs investigating large batches of samples. The 6495D stood out for its trace-level sensitivity and intelligent features, which enable exceptional performance and address the critical transition between the discovery phase of research and the translational phase, where studying a large volume of samples is crucial for generating meaningful scientific insights. 

Shane Tichy, associate vice president of R&D MS Quadrupole Instrumentation at Agilent, expressed his excitement about the award: "We are thrilled to receive this Scientist’s Choice Award. The Agilent 6495D LC/MS system represents a significant advancement in analytical science, enabling researchers to achieve unprecedented sensitivity, accuracy, and reliability in their work. Our team's dedication to innovation and excellence has truly paid off, and we are grateful for the recognition." 

The Agilent 6495D LC/MS features include advanced triple quadrupole technology, allowing for precise quantification of target compounds, making it ideal for applications such as pharmaceutical analysis, environmental monitoring, and food safety testing. With its intelligence capabilities and advanced ion optics, the 6495D delivers exceptional sensitivity even at low analyte concentrations. The instrument offers robust performance across a wide range of sample types and matrices. 

“Agilent remains committed to advancing scientific discovery through innovative and intelligent instrumentation design, and the 6495D LC/MS exemplifies this commitment,” Tichy added.  

began the Scientists’ Choice Awards in 2007 to enable scientists to voice their opinions on the best new laboratory products in several different categories. Nominations are collected and assessed by SelectScience editors, and the most popular nominations are put to public vote. Scientists are then invited to vote for their favorite products within each category, with the winners announced at selected scientific conferences.