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EnVision FLEX+, Mouse, High pH (Link)

EnVision FLEX+, Mouse, High pH is a very-high-sensitivity visualization system intended for use in immunohistochemistry together with Autostainer Link instruments. EnVision FLEX+ Mouse (LINKER) amplifies the signal of primary mouse antibodies and the reaction is visualized by DAB+ Chromogen. In addition to EnVision FLEX+ Mouse (LINKER), the kit includes Peroxidase-Blocking Reagent, EnVision/HRP, DAB+ Chromogen, Substrate Buffer, Target Retrieval Solution, High pH (50x Tris/EDTA buffer, pH 9), and Wash Buffer (20x). EnVision FLEX+ Rabbit (LINKER), Code K8009, is an optional EnVision FLEX reagent that may be used with EnVision FLEX and FLEX+ kits to amplify the signal of primary rabbit antibodies. EnVision FLEX+ kits are compatible with EnVision FLEX and FLEX+ single reagents for Autostainer Link instruments.

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