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Our immunohistochemistry products, including our IHC instruments, provide high staining quality, improved standardization and increased efficiency enabling the ultimate goal of increased patient safety. The broad portfolio of Agilent Dako products is continuously enhanced with new generations of carefully selected and clinically relevant reagents and instruments.

Standard staining protocols for our FLEX RTU antibodies combined with integrated instrument and software platforms enable consistent and reliable results. Our immunohistochemistry portfolio is a complete solution with a high focus on quality and service that helps simplify work processes, removes variation, and minimizes possible staining imperfections.

Antibodies & Controls

For automated use with Dako Omnis and/or Autostainer Link 48

Control Reagents
Primary Antibodies
Secondary Antibodies

Visualization Systems

EnVision FLEX includes DAB and HRP Magenta visualization options

EnVision FLEX Single Reagents
EnVision FLEX Systems
EnVision Systems
Other Visualization Systems

Ancillaries for IHC

Range of ancillaries for automated and manual use

Blocking Reagents, Buffers, Diluents
Chromogenic Substrates
Glass Slides, Racks, & Vials
Mounting Media
Proteolytic Enzymes

Autostainer Link Solution for IHC

Open and flexible platform for immunohistochemistry staining

Dako Omnis Solution for IHC & ISH

Advanced Automated Immunohistochemistry and In Situ Hybridization Platform