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EnVision FLEX HRP Magenta, High pH (Dako Omnis)

Adenocarcinoma of the lung

EnVision FLEX HRP Magenta, High pH (Dako Omnis)

EnVision FLEX HRP Magenta, High pH (Dako Omnis) visualization system is intended for use in immunohistochemistry together with Dako Omnis instruments. It is a complete high-sensitivity visualization system using HRP Magenta Chromogen.

As a contrast to hematoxylin and pigmentation in tissue, the high-intensity staining and color nuance make HRP Magenta an excellent complementary color. Unlike many other chromogens, HRP Magenta is transparent, yet still distinct and intense. Cellular details are clearly visible.

The system detects primary mouse and rabbit antibodies and the reaction is visualized by EnVision FLEX HRP Magenta Chromogen. If used with EnVision FLEX+ Rabbit LINKER (Code GV809) or EnVision FLEX+ Mouse LINKER (Code GV821), signal amplification of primary rabbit antibodies or primary mouse antibodies, respectively, can be achieved.

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