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PL aquagel-OH

PL aquagel-OH

PL aquagel-OH columns offer efficient and reliable aqueous GPC/SEC separation of water-soluble polymers and large molecules, such as PEG, polysorbate, starch, dextran, and acrylamide. PL aquagel-OH columns meet USP L25, tolerate high buffer concentrations, pH 2 to 10, temperatures up to 90 °C, and organic solvents (up to 50% methanol).

Rapid and predictable scale-up of analytical SEC to milligram and gram quantities is easy with both analytical- and preparative-scale PL aquagel-OH columns. The analytical grade 8 µm media in PL aquagel-OH preparative columns provides higher separation speed and resolution, enabling precise cuts with high recovery and purity.

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