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NOVEMA Max Columns

NOVEMA Max columns

NOVEMA Max Columns

NOVEMA Max columns are made of NH-functionalized acrylate copolymer. NOVEMA Max columns are suitable for the aqueous GPC/SEC analysis of cationic polymers, such as polymeric quaternary ammonium compounds, poly(DADMAC), polyvinylpyridine, chitosan, and poly(ethylene imine), with molecular weights ranging from 100 to 30,000,000 Da. Available in two particle sizes and different porosities as well as linear/mixed-bed options, NOVEMA Max columns are flexible to meet a variety of application needs.

NOVEMA Max columns meet USP L23, tolerate high buffer concentrations, pH 2 to 12, temperatures up to 80 °C, and organic solvents (up to 100% methanol or acetonitrile).

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