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J&W WAX GC Columns contain a highly polar polyethylene glycol stationary phase, ideal for the analysis of polar compounds.

WAX columns offer unique and sometimes necessary selectivity. J&W WAX GC Columns have a highly polar polyethylene glycol (PEG) stationary phase, ideal for the analysis of polar compounds. Even though each phase is based on the polyethylene glycol polymer, strict control of the crosslinking and deactivation processes results in a variety of unique phase characteristics to meet Gas Chromatography (GC) analysis needs.

WAX GC columns are used primarily to analyze polar compounds, including alcohols, glycols, FAMEs, food and flavors, and petros (aromatics analysis/xylenes).

The DB-HeavyWAX column is used for the analysis of high temp applications for polar analytes, essential oils and flavors & fragrances, other high temperature requirements.The HP-INNOWax and CP-Wax 52 CB columns offer improved inertness and peak shapes for diols, amines, acids and ethyl maltol in additio to exceptional column-to-column reproducibility and improved inertness longevity.

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