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DB-WAX Ultra Inert GC Columns

DB-624 Ultra Inert (UI) Columns

DB-WAX Ultra Inert GC Columns

Gas chromatography (GC) columns with polyethylene glycol (PEG) stationary phases, also known as WAX GC columns, are commonly used for analyzing compounds with polar functional groups. They are well suited for food, flavor, and fragrance applications, as well as industrial chemical analysis in quality control (QC) and method development labs.

DB-WAX Ultra Inert (UI) represents the ultimate performance of PEG stationary phase inertness, providing symmetric peak shape and improved response for challenging polar compounds. All DB-WAX UI columns are individually tested with an Ultra Inert Wax test probe mixture according to the strictest industry QC standards to ensure consistent column-to-column inertness performance for challenging active analytes, such as free fatty acids, alcohols, diols, and aldehydes, with minimal compound adsorption or degradation.

Since it offers the same selectivity as Agilent J&W DB-WAX, upgrading to Ultra Inert performance is easy, with minimal validation required. There is no need to recreate or modify existing compound libraries that are based on DB-WAX selectivity.

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