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Agilent J&W deactivated and undeactivated tubing can be used as a guard column or retention gap, and for other applications.

Agilent J&W Guard Columns & Capillary Tubing

Didn’t find the GC column you need? A custom GC column can be built to order

Guard Columns & Capillary Tubing

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GC Column Selector Tool

Tools to help navigate to the best GC column choice for your application.

GC Calculators and Method Translation Software

Calculators and software for optimizing current gas chromatography (GC) methods or starting a new GC method.

GC Productivity Tools

Download method translation software plus calculators for vapor volume, pressure flow, solvent vent, and CFT.

Featured Customer Testimonials

Dr. Frank David

Principal Scientist, RIC Group

The broad portfolio of Agilent columns that are available is really a key aspect in developing methods. What is also very important is that we have a broad range of lengths, internal diameters and film thicknesses.

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Dr. Jose Antonio Moreno

Chromatography Application Specialist, AGQ Labs

Agilent's columns are essential for data quality. Data quality for us is very important.

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Dawei Zhang

Technical Director, SEP

Agilent GC columns are very durable and have good reproducibility, effectively ensuring the analysis and processing of everyday samples.

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Dr. Dan Villalanti

President and Founder, Triton Analytics

We have also been a long time user of the J&W Columns and we exclusively use those for high temp simulated distillation using the steel columns. Because of the nature of our work, we take the columns routinely every 50 minutes to about

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Agilent Marks the 50th Anniversary of J&W GC Columns

2024 is the 50th anniversary of Agilent J&W GC columns. Throughout the last give five decades, Agilent’s industry-first innovations have set the standard for the GC columns we know today. Agilent J&W also has the industry’s most extensive and innovative GC column portfolio, and every step of our manufacturing process is well established and controlled.

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