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CP-Select 624 Hexanes Columns

CP-Select 624 Hexanes Columns

J&W CP-Select 624 Hexane is a highly reproducible GC column specifically designed for the separation of hexane isomers and dichloromethane in residual solvent analysis. Application-specific QC testing provides assurance for specific separation and column-to-column reproducibility.

Each CP-Select 624 Hexane column is quality control (QC) tested using a critical test mix. Stringent specifications include resolution, Kovats retention index, selectivity. General specifications include film thickness, asymmetry, and efficiency to guarantee column-to-column reproducibility. To also guarantee minimal batch differences when switching to a new polymer batch of stationary phase, a special procedure is applied to check more separations, such as ACN and DCM.

CP-Select 624 Hexane GC Column applications include food (hexane extraction in food processing) and pharmaceutical (hexane solvent for purification and process in API bulk manufacturing).

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