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ADM Flow Meter

CrossLab CS ADM Flow Meter

ADM Flow Meter

A gas chromatography flow meter measures GC gas streams and provides the flow rate. The Agilent ADM flow meter is ideal for measuring gas streams with composite gas composition. This digital gas flow meter for GC is easy to maintain by simply replacing the cartridge once a year yourself to keep the gas flow meter compliant. Each GC flow meter comes with a calibrated cartridge. The Flow Meter cartridge can also be exchanged with an Electronic Leak Detector Cartridge to detect leaks .

Flow meters are a tool that can be used to verify the proper function of a GC as well as troubleshoot a problem. As with previous flow meters, the Agilent ADM Flow Meter has been developed to measure the volumetric flow rate of any noncorrosive gas, including mixtures of gases.

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