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Ultra Inert Liners for GC

Agilent Ultra Inert (UI) Splitless Liner Selection

Ultra Inert Liners for GC

Agilent ultra inert liners feature a proprietary deactivation process intended to eliminate potential active sites located throughout the interior of the liner, providing low surface activity and predictable sample volatilization. This facilitates the reliable analysis of trace and active analytes without unintended inlet discrimination.

Agilent’s expansive line of CrossLab ultra Inert liners perform seamlessly with a variety of manufacturers’ instruments. Each Agilent UI liner is performance certified to ensure exceptional batch-to-batch uniformity. Delivered in exclusive Agilent touchless packaging, the pre-installed O-ring lets you quickly and easily install the new deactivated liner, saving time and improving productivity.

One of many geometries available, the ultra inert dimpled liner, designed specifically for cold splitless injection via the Agilent multi-mode inlet, allows for heavy matrix samples to be gradually volatized without discrimination. Boasting Agilent’s transparent deactivation, the large highly inert surface area achieved through the alternating dimples efficiently spreads sample, dramatically extending the liner’s usable life.

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