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Splitless Liners for GC

Agilent Ultra Inert Splitless Inlet Liner, Single Taper, Glass Wool

Splitless Liners for GC

A GC splitless injection allows for the introduction of a highly concentrated sample to the analytical column without venting-off carrier-gas during sample volatilization. Agilent GC splitless inlet liners function as an intermediary mixing chamber for the sample to vaporize before encountering the stationary phase of the column. Splitless injections are ideal for trace-level analysis while needing to maximize analyte recovery. However, lower flow rates can contribute to the unintended degradation of active analytes through adsorption and breakdown. Proper liner selection is a crucial component to developing and maintaining your method.

Agilent's portfolio of splitless liners offers a wide selection of unique geometries, volumes, and deactivations to accommodate your analytical needs. Our splitless liners commonly feature a narrow taper at the base of the liner to prevent the volatized from contacting with the base or sides of the inlet, directing analytes of interest and mobile phase toward the column.

Agilent’s unique ultra inert splitless liner with sintered glass frit, also known as the low frit liner, is ideal for semi-volatile compounds common for food and environmental applications. The Ultra Inert deactivation can help guard against unintended inlet discrimination when confronted with even the most challenging matrices. The homogenous porosity of the frit offers a better barrier against heavy matrices compared to conventional glass wool liners, with an observed lifetime up to 2-3X greater.

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