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Inlet Gold Seals for GC

Inlet Gold Seals for GC

A GC gold seal (or gold inlet seal) enables leak-free seal between the inlet body and the capillary column ferrule. Even small leaks in the split/splitless gas chromatography (GC) inlet can reduce system sensitivity, causing poor signal-to-noise ratio and increased column bleed. The split/splitless inlet seal seals off potential microleaks within the flow path. The soft gold surface plating of the GC seals naturally deforms when compressed, ensuring that a leak-free connection is achieved between the base of the inlet and the analytical column. The injection molded design unique to Agilent ensures a highly polished surface, free of micro striations and tooling marks, and optimal plating adhesion.

Available with Agilent Ultra-Inert deactivation, UI-treated Agilent inlet gold seals inhibit the formation of active sites on the face of seal. This prevents the loss of analytes due to adsorption or decomposition during volatilization. For optimal results, the seal should be exchanged alongside the inlet liner or whenever the reducing nut at the base of the inlet is disengaged.

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