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Split Liners for GC

Agilent Ultra Inert Low Pressure Drop Inlet Liner

Split Liners for GC

Agilent split liner GC allows dilution of an injected sample without additional solvent needing to be added. A positioning bead located at the base of the split liner GC allows excess carrier gas and sample to vent away from the analytical column, the split ratio being determined by the inlet flow rate. Split injection prevents overloading of the GC column, improving separation efficiency. The inherently higher flow rate, compared to a splitless injection, ensures more active analytes do not degrade due to prolonged exposure to active surfaces within the inlet.

Agilent GC Inlet liners for split injection are made to strict dimension specifications for optimal inlet performance and boast the tightest tolerances for od, id, and internal features. Specifically, our straight liners help to facilitate the inherently higher split flows, with narrower ids and smaller injection volumes facilitating faster rates of analysis. Packed liners with sintered glass frits or quartz wool media help to trap non-volatile compounds, protecting the analytical column.

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