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GC Sample Preparation & Introduction

GC Autosampler and Sample Introduction Technology

Agilent GC sample introduction systems increase the efficiency, performance, and flexibility of your gas chromatography systems. In addition to offering reliable and consistent injections from less than 1 µL to large volumes, GC autosamplers provide the ability to perform automated sample preparation procedures that range from simple dilutions to complicated derivatizations.

Agilent also provides headspace, thermal desorption, and purge and trap samplers for sample matrices that do not lend themselves to direct vaporization. Our portfolio of sample introduction products will meet the specific needs of all gas chromatography labs.

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Featured Tools

GC Firmware Update Utility

Update the firmware on current and older GC systems and accessories, such as autosamplers and headspace samplers.

Featured Literature

Agilent Has the Right Sample Introduction Product for Your Lab

Regardless of your sample introduction needs, Agilent has a sampler to support your lab’s productivity.

Featured News

Agilent Introduces the 8697 Headspace Sampler-XL Tray

The 8697 Headspace Sampler-XL Tray includes the same intelligent productivity-enhancing features and benefits of the 8697 sampler but with greater sample capacity and an optional chiller tray. The 8697 headspace sampler-XL tray can automatically process up to 120 vials for higher lab throughput and improved efficiency.

Featured Training & Events

Headspace Sampling Webinars

Webinars discuss the features and benefits of Agilent headspace samplers, method development tips, and how GC-headspace is used for various applications.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Agilent GC Autosampler

Your GC autosampler can do a lot more than just inject your samples. This webinar shows how to maintain your Agilent 7693 and 7650 autosampler for peak performance and how to use enhanced tools and features for increased productivity.

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