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Instrument Supplies for GC/MS

Instrument Supplies for GC/MS

GC/MS instrument supplies include MS filaments, electron multipliers, and other consumables designed for use with gas chromatography/mass spectrometry instruments. Agilent GC/MS instrument supplies help you to maintain your system to reduce downtime. Your mass spectrometer is a sensitive, specialized device that delivers a higher level of functionality compared to other GC detectors, which is why it requires regular maintenance using a range of compatible supplies.

MS filaments generate electrons that are used to ionize the sample. They are key to generating ions in the source. Agilent offers MS filaments that can improve data quality, reproducibility, and accuracy.

In a mass spectrometer, an electron multiplier is used to detect any ion signals emitting from the mass analyzer. Agilent electron multipliers offer excellent linearity, extremely low signal carryover, long lifetime, and minimal noise.

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