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GC/MS Supplies

GC/MS Supplies

GC/MS supplies and mass spectrometry supplies are tools and accessories for use with gas chromatography/mass spectrometry instruments. Agilent offers a range of GC/MS supplies for current and legacy GC/MS systems to help you maintain mass spectrometer performance. These mass spectrometry supplies are designed for use GC/MS, GC/MSD, GC/TQ, GC/QQQ, GC/TOF, and GC/Q-TOF systems.

Today’s analytical workflows demand maximal sensitivity and selectivity. Agilent mass spectrometry consumables are precision-engineered to allow users to preserve GC/MS performance for trace-level analysis.

Among the supplies offered by Agilent are MS filaments, electron multipliers, and MS ion source supplies.

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Hydrogen Sensor Module Series 2 Eases the Transition to Hydrogen Carrier Gas for GC and GC/MS

Switching from helium to hydrogen carrier gas for your GC and GC/MS methods offers several benefits, such as faster run times and better chromatographic resolution. It also addresses the current and future helium supply issues and increased costs. Our new Hydrogen Sensor Module Series 2 for 8890 and 8860 GC systems will help you transition with confidence.

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