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JetClean Self-Cleaning Ion Source

JetClean Self-Cleaning Ion Source

The Agilent JetClean self-cleaning ion source maximizes instrument uptime and sample throughput by greatly reducing or even eliminating the need for manual ion source cleaning, resulting in an additional 1–2 days/month to perform analyses. For high-throughput labs performing food, environmental, chemical, forensic, and material analysis with complex matrices, the maintenance-free ion source results in significantly increased lab productivity. User feedback confirms that cleaning cycles can be reduced from once every 2 weeks to once every 3–6 months or even less frequently.

Agilent JetClean ion source utilizes software-controlled hydrogen flow to reduce or prevent contamination buildup and eliminate matrix deposits in the ion source. JetClean automated cleaning ion source not only increases instrument uptime, but yields more consistent data and reduces rework, giving you greater confidence in the results and real cost savings at the same time.

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