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Quiet Cover for GC/MS Pumps

Quiet Cover for GC/MS Pumps

A GC/MS Quiet Cover, or GC/MS pump cover, is a pump sound enclosure designed to reduce noise and enable the easy maintenance of GC/MS pumps.

The Agilent Quiet Cover for GC/MS is a noise reduction enclosure that contains the noise produced by pumps, allowing for an improved lab environment. The Quiet Cover is designed to make the maintenance of GC/MS rough pumps easier and less frequent. The fan-controlled temperature within the cover reduces downtime caused by overheating, and the LED display makes it easier to perform a visual check of oil levels. The cover is easy to open cover enabling quick oil changes, oil additions, and clean-up of oil leaks.

The Quiet Cover GC/MS is compatible with rough pump models used in many laboratories, including the Agilent DS42, Agilent DS42i, Agilent IDP-3*, Pfieffier Duo 2.5, and Edwards E2M1.5. It is compatible with Agilent 5977 GC/MS, 5975 GC/MS, and 5973 GC/MS systems.

*For the Agilent IDP-3, the install kit IDP-3 for G6014 Quiet Cover (G6014-68000) is required.

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