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Dissolution Vessels

Dissolution Vessels

Dissolution vessels are used to hold dissolution media during drug release.
Agilent provides a variety of dissolution vessels for use with Agilent dissolution apparatus. Selected verified vessels are available containing a Certificate of Conformance (COC).

TruAlign vessels for the 708-DS are serialized and have a collar incorporated on the vessel to maintain accurate centering, reproducible vessel orientation, and verticality alignment. TruCenter and EaseAlign vessels are available for legacy Agilent 705-DS, VK7000/10 and V-series dissolution apparatus.

Beside clear glass standard vessels, low actinic red vessels (similar to amber vessels) are offered to protect light sensitive dosage forms. Dissolution peak vessels (Apex vessels) are available to avoid coning in dissolution.

Molded vessels are vacuum formed (VF) and offer the tightest precision available to reduce position-to-position variability and improve uniformity. Unlike standard vessels that can be inconsistent in cylindricity, roundness, and concentricity, the molded VF vessels meet stringent specifications and allow you to focus on testing your dosage form rather than worry about your vessel parameters.

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